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School-Psychologist.com was created on May 7th, 2000.  It started as a portal for School Psychology information and has matured into School-Psychologist.com LLC.  Today, we provide psycho-educational evaluation and special education teacher consultation services to schools in the Phoenix, AZ metro communities.  

Public schools (e.g., Charter Schools) provide special education service at great cost to their respective students and parents.  When compared to our competitors, School-Psychologist.com LLC provides a lower cost and better quality product.  Our rates vary from $300.00 to $400.00 depending on the type of evaluation requested (please refer to our pricesheet).

We are trained to help schools identify children and adults with suspected handicapping conditions, including learning disabilities (with processing deficit analysis using CHC theory, if requested), dyslexia (with phonological awareness assessments), emotional disturbance, attention deficit disorder, autism, and mental retardation.  We are also available to consult and train special education staff in special education procedures.

We specialize in writing comprehensive evaluation reports so special education teachers can immediately integrate our data and recommendations into IEP’s.  If you require psycho-educational services or have additional questions, please feel free to call 602-751-1384.

School-Psychologist.com LLC does not provide counseling or therapy services. If you need mental health assistance, we recommend you contact a local referral service. 



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